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I see what you did there with that... name on top of that title. I don't fully grasp the mechanics, but it was quite funny especially with those bottom-right messages popping up.

The web version runs perfectly well on Firefox Windows x64 but IE Edge has hiccups (not that this should be of concern, just my observations :)).


Thanks for the notice Polia :) We'll be sure to look into IE Edge support


I don't fully understand the game, and yet I love it and can't stop playing it.  The art and polish is awesome!


Ooh god! 

I'm laughing so much with this game!

I also really love the music!!!


I'm glad you love the music. There's actually more to the music that we just didn't have time to programme! I would like for it to be available in an update after the jam. :)

I don't get what AutoMods do...

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Auto Mods automatically mark a comment as clear or banned for you. Good for when you're in a pinch, and have minimal time to decide if the comment is bad or good.