Moderating. One of those thankless jobs that no one appreciates you for but just has to done, like garbage men, or beat cops. Only this time, the job is much, much hairier.

Starring as Bark Mrown's moderator, you're a dog with a bone to pick, armed with your trusty ban hammer for when the stream chat spirals out of control. 

Trolls are like rats: they come in swarms, so you must be ever vigilant. 

It's up to you to moderate your WoofTube streamer's chat with a firm but fair paw.


- Mark Brown 2020


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I see what you did there with that... name on top of that title. I don't fully grasp the mechanics, but it was quite funny especially with those bottom-right messages popping up.

The web version runs perfectly well on Firefox Windows x64 but IE Edge has hiccups (not that this should be of concern, just my observations :)).


Thanks for the notice Polia :) We'll be sure to look into IE Edge support


I don't fully understand the game, and yet I love it and can't stop playing it.  The art and polish is awesome!


Ooh god! 

I'm laughing so much with this game!

I also really love the music!!!


I'm glad you love the music. There's actually more to the music that we just didn't have time to programme! I would like for it to be available in an update after the jam. :)

I don't get what AutoMods do...

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Auto Mods automatically mark a comment as clear or banned for you. Good for when you're in a pinch, and have minimal time to decide if the comment is bad or good.